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Environmental Statement.

1. Statement

Vault UK Group and its subsidiaries is the next generation of hybrid managed services technology providers. Our aim is to secure a sustainable future for our high quality, integrated services, in a way that doesn’t cost the earth. This means a commitment to reducing our environmental impacts, supporting the carbon reduction goals and engaging our employees, suppliers and customers to improve environmental awareness.  


This Statement is formed of the Long-Term Aims and Guiding Principles and will be reviewed annually and updated as required. Each year, we will develop our objectives around achieving the Long-Term Aims of the Environmental Policy. These objectives will be bound by the Guiding Principles.


2. Long-Term Aims

Alongside our commitment to comply with all applicable environmental legislation, we will commit to the following long-term aims:  


  1. To meet our targets: 70% carbon footprint reduction by 2035; achieve recycling rates of over 90% at all sites; 10% reduction in energy use across all sites, as well as minimising our resource use and creation of waste.

  2. To achieve a consistent, best practice approach to sustainability across all of Vault UK Group’s businesses.

  3. To build sustainability principles into all our supplier and partner interactions and third-party activities, including the procurement process.

  4. To maximise Vault UK Group's sustainability impact, which means:

    • Engaging our employees on sustainability outcomes.

    • Defining the role that Vault UK Group can play in encouraging sustainability in society.

    • Promoting meaningful environmental technology practices.

    • Enhancing our reputation as an environmentally responsible business.


3. Guiding Principles

  1. We will report annually on our progress against our defined objectives and targets.

  2. We will seek to form partnerships, where appropriate, with others in the industry or our supplier partners, to achieve sustainability outcomes.

  3. We will continually seek to improve, refine, and develop our environmental strategy as we move through the sustainability journey. 

Last Reviewed: 06 October 2023

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